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We, Vndicy.Com (hereinafter referred to as our company), have always been committed to protecting our customers’ personal information. As we collect an increasing amount of personal information from customers through online user registrations, reward programs, user surveys, etc., the proper management and protection of our customers’ personal information has become increasingly important in recent years.

Our company has established a “Privacy Policy” as outlined below, and we pledge to manage our websites to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our customers by actively pursuing measures to prevent unauthorized use, disclosure, alteration, etc., of the personal information provided by our customers.

Definition of Personal Information

Personal information refers to any information provided to our company that can be used to identify an individual, such as a name and surname, residential address or other physical address, phone number, or email address, or any unique identifying information of that individual.

Collection of Personal Information

When Vndicy.Com collects personal information via the Internet, we adhere to the basic principle that the information is provided (registered) voluntarily. We will only collect personal information to the extent necessary to fulfill our information collection purposes, which will be clearly disclosed.

If you do not wish to provide (register) the personal information we are seeking, you may decline to do so at your sole discretion. In such cases, you may not access certain services we provide through our company’s websites.

Purpose and Limitation of Personal Information Use

When we request personal information (registration), we will disclose the purpose of the information collection and the methods of using the information beforehand, and then collect information within appropriate limits. A general rule limits the use of personal information for the following purposes. Additionally, personal information may be used for other purposes, such as statistical data in forms where data is not distinguished by individual.

Rule of Non-Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

Our company will not disclose any personal information provided (registered) to us to third parties, except in the following cases:

  1. You have agreed to disclose your personal information to a third party.
  2. Your personal information must be disclosed to our affiliated companies, company branches, or subcontractors with whom we have agreed to confidentiality in order to fulfill the purposes of collecting personal information, as we have previously disclosed. (Example: Instructing a delivery service provider to deliver your prize.)
  3. Personal information processed into statistical data will not disclose your identity.
  4. Legal requirements for disclosure.

Use of Direct Mail

We will not use the names, email addresses, physical addresses, etc., provided to us for any direct mail activities without your consent, except in the cases mentioned above. However, if you have specifically consented at the time of registration, we may use your email address to send you information such as prize notifications.

Inquiries, Edits, or Deletions of Personal Information

When you wish to inquire about personal information owned by us or wish to edit or delete such information, please contact us through the established procedure of our company. After verifying the identity of the requester, we will disclose, edit, or delete the information within a reasonable time.

Customer Support Center

If you wish to check your personal information, please contact the department that has responded to your inquiries or use the contact details provided by our company when you provided your personal information.

If you do not know whom to contact or if you have questions about the personal information you have provided on our website, please use the inquiry form.

Management of Personal Information

The administrators of Vndicy.Com’s website maintain strict management of the personal information collected and implement appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized use, disclosure, or alteration of such information. When specific terms of use are posted on the website, those terms of use will take precedence over this “Privacy Policy.”

Processing of Personal Information

When you ask questions, suggest catalogs, or when we invite participants, etc., you may be required to enter personal information on our website. We strive to protect personal information by implementing security control measures based on this Privacy Policy.

In other cases not mentioned above, you may access our website without having to disclose personal information.

Use of Web Cookies

Web cookies are embedded in some pages on our website to track the number of times specific pages have been accessed. The statistical data obtained through web cookies is used to improve our website. For example, advertisements for websites operated by our partner companies may be displayed based on your browsing history on our website, etc.

Use of Access Logs

When you use our website, access logs, including your IP address, will be recorded. This information is used to track your access to our website but is not used to identify users, except for pages that require user authentication.

Personal Information on Third-Party

Websites We are not responsible in any way for the collection of personal information on websites operated by other companies that are introduced on our website.

Additional Information

Our company makes efforts to protect your personal information; however, we cannot guarantee the security of information when it is transmitted to us. Each customer is responsible for ensuring the secure transmission of data.

We recommend that you take precautionary measures regarding data security when connecting to the Internet. Our company may change this “Privacy Policy” at any time. In such cases, the information will become effective when posted on our company’s website.


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